Instructions for leather products maintenance

Velours leather products maintenance

  • Before the first use, it is necessary to use impregnation. We recommend Waterstop, Nanopro or Velours nubuck made by Collonil Ltd. - you can find more information about their products on following link
  • Beware of complete soaking by water
  • Wet product let dry at room temperature, beware of the sunlight or other direct heat sources.
  • Do not ever use acetone, other organic solvents or aggressive substances on leather products.
  • The rain stains and sticked-together velours hair can be gently brushed in all directions by crepe brush.
  • The dust can be brushed by the crepe brush or by rubber eraser for leather.
  • Do not keep the product in an airtight package
  • Keep it away from longlasting sunlight exposure.
  • Abalone can be elonged by the pressure of your body

Care about the product with a specific kind of leather contamination:

Grease and oil - use chalk dust on the stain and let it work. After 24 hours brush the dust gently down.
Ballpoint stains can be removed by special sticky tape and then erased by rubber for leather.
Sugar stains can be removed by wet rag and brushing up to the dry state by soft brush or rag.

Cleaning of fur products

Local cleaning of fur products can be done as it is written in the article above.
Many products made of fur require chemical cleaning. Cleaning can only proceed only in specialized dry cleaners.
We recommend:
LEDEX-TEX, Karlínské náměstí 234/5, 18600 Praha 8 Karlín.
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(+420) 222 310 765

Instruction on how to use products sold on

Leather and fur products

Dear customer, to make your product more durable and keep it in the best condition it is important to take proper care of it.

What are leather and fur?
Leather is 100% natural material with many irregularities, such as scars and pigment stains. These irregularities are proof of the natural origin of leather and it is no reason for refund or complaint.
The fur is 100% natural material, there are many kinds of fur. Some of the long-haired furs (like fox or rabbit) are molting by norms at the first days of use and it is no reason for complaint.

The way of wearing - (according to Czech laws of customers protection)

Leather outfit for walks - because of the fact that it is luxury wear made of 100% natural abalone. We recommend using this product in a dry environment if possible, not in deep snow or rain. Do not expose to extreme environments, to prevent harms to the leather.
Basics of maintenance of leather confection
Before first use impregnate the leather with proper impregnation ask our salesman or contact us if you are not sure which one.
You should care about your leather product with the impregnation twice or thrice a year.
Do not ever use organic solvents or any aggressive substances for cleaning the leather.
If your product is heavily contaminated leave the care of it on a specialist in dry cleaning.
If your product gets wet do not dry it nearby source of heat or on sunlight.
When it gets dry apply on impregnation, greasy cream or balm.

Care about the leather

Nubuk and velours

We do not recommend you to wear these products in rainy weather because the water causes stains on the material if you cannot avoid the rain brush the stains with a crepe brush. Velours is meant to the frosty weather, not rain and so this is no reason for complaint. It is necessary to impregnate the material. When crafted one of the side products is dust which can be removed by the vacuum cleaner. At the first day of use, the dust is released from the products. If the loose of colorous dust is immense use Colorstop. Nubuck gets patina all over its surface and it is no reason for complaint. Use soft crepe brush to care about the material if it is necessary to use chemical cleaning leave it to the professionals.

Natural furs

  • Fur confection - do not use any detergents or organic solvent for cleaning the material, use professional dry cleaners. If your fur gets wet let it dry in room temperature and keep it away from heat sources. When the fur is dry brush it carefully. Long haired furs like a rabbit, fox, etc. sometimes mold by the norm however this issue will disappear after a few uses and is no reason for complaint. Do not tear out the hairs of fur and do not touch the fur with the bare hands to prevent it from getting greased.
  • Braided products made of wool and fur - ideal washing is at 30°C at hands. The wet woolen product put on a washer and let dry. Long haired woolen materials like angora etc. sometimes mold by the norm however this issue will disappear after a few uses and is no reason for complaint.

Leather and fur haberdashery

How to use:
Dear customer, to keep your haberdashery in the best shape for many years it is important to take proper care of it. Handbags, bags, suitcases, wallets, gloves, belts are made from different materials and every material has specific properties and has different maintenance needs.

  • Handbags and bags - when choosing your bag keep in mind dispositions of product - categories of use (everyday use, for work, for shopping, sporty or for a social event).In case you would have any questions about the product ask our personal or contact us. Use the product in a careful way. Do not leave them in wet and hot (more than 40°C) environment. After every use put out all the content for saving the shape of the product. Avoid long exposure to water. Do not put any sharp items into the products. Carbines at the straps over shoulders put on only by the sharper side onto the inner side. The handbags with little handgrip are meant for holding in hand. The strap added is only for help. The product must be used in the way it is meant to. Do not overweight the product.
    etue - 0,5 kg, handbag for women - 1,0 kg, holdall A4 - 1,5 kg, briefcase - 2,0 kg,
    bag - 3,0 kg, diplomatic case - 3,0 kg, suitcase - 25 kg
  • Leather gloves - when choosing your bag keep in mind dispositions of product - dispositions of products (for work, sporty, for a social event, for walks, special). In case you would have any questions about the product ask our personal or contact us. You can find gloves for walks and for social events. If you suffer from sweating of hands we recommend to choose the material that is suitable to drain away the sweat. When picking out the gloves it is necessary to use a special meter for hands, which measures the size of your hand preventing the glove from being strained, our personnel will help you choose the ideal size for you. It is necessary to put the glove on hand properly following the instructions which we will give you. Avoid wearing rings and long nails in gloves because it can damage the gloves.
  • Leather belts - is kind of stylish accessory and so it is necessary to use it that way. You have to use the belt carefully and it is unthinkable to break the strap over the buckle, the belt should be loosely pinned to the suit.
  • Purses and wallets - use the product carefully to prevent damages, contamination or mechanic damages to the material (do not leave in a hot environment with temperature over 40°C). After use put all the containment of the wallet to keep the best shape of the product. It is not good to carry the purse in the back pocket of trousers because it harms the shape of a wallet and can cause damage. Avoid contact with water.

How to care about products:

Natural abalone products - avoid contact with water. It is necessary to apply proper impregnation (cream NILFET or WATERSTOP, or products of Austrian company Collonil) twice a year. The color nuances and natural changes of leather like scars are not the reason for complaint. Colored abalones are colored by water-soluble ecological pigments and so the color is not stable, especially when in contact with water.

Removing water stains - hydrate the leather with steam or flower humidifier. Do not rub or the abalone, just softly wipe with rag or sponge.
Let it dry in room temperature and apply impregnation when it dries.
Ballpoint stains can be removed by cotton bud soaked in a 1:1 solution of alcohol with water.
Greasy stains - put on some magnesium or chalky dust and let it absorb the grease for 24 hrs, then vacuum up the dust or brush it away with a soft brush.

We recommend:
LEDEX-TEX, Karlínské náměstí 234/5, 18600 Praha 8 Karlín.
Contact :
(+420) 222 310 765

The information above are packaged with the product and every customer was acknowledged with them.