Website use terms and conditions

Welcome to the website of FARAON SANDALS. The website located at the link (lower mentioned only as a website) run by the company:
Faraon sandals Ltd.
addressed at: Smržov 75, 379 01 Třeboň, CZ
Identification number : 287 39 655,

registered at business register led by local courthouse at České Budějovice, section C, insertion 24488.

Phone: +420 728 685 891
lower mentioned only as “owner”

Terms below regulate the rights and liabilities of the company and customers and according law relations.
Please take note that either if you shop or just visit the website, you must follow the terms below, perforce.

1. Registration on our website
1.1. Based on registration in our website thru our online form, the customer is allowed to access to his own web account. The account allows the customer to order the goods from the website. If the website allows it the goods can be ordered without registration processed.
1.2. The personal information used for the creation of an account must be the truth and complete. The account created with false or incomplete information can be deleted without any pretense of compensation. If any of information does change, the customer is liable to update them immediately. The information used for registration of the account or updated information are considered as correct, by the seller.
1.3. The customer has the possibility to check the incidental error of information before shipping the order thru his account information and also can be reviewed in the order confirmation email. The customer has the possibility and is liable to check and pertinently correct the information before ordering and shipping the goods from its account.
1.4. The account should be used only for completing orders, reviewing the shipping status of the orders and administrating the account. The access to the account is secured by the username and password. The user is liable to secure the access data. The user takes note that Faraon Sandals is not responsible for occasional misuse or taking advantage of the third person.
1.5. The account can be deleted by the webmaster of the site without any compensation in case the account is used in contrary to the terms of use, general legislation or common good manners.

2. Personal Data Protection
2.1. When operating the e-shop FARAON SANDALS all personal data are processed by the General Data Protection Regulation lower mentioned as “GDPR” according to a general regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals of parliament of the EU 2016/679 applicated by the 27.04.2016.
2.2. For completing the order the seller requires the personal information of the customer, especially Birth and Last name, address, email, and phone number. Data mentioned before are used exclusively for completing the order and shipping process. Inasmuch as these data are used for completing and realization of your order the customers' consent is not required. By this, the seller is informing the customer that these data are necessary for completing the order. In case the customer will not give the complete information above to the seller it is not possible to complete the contract.
2.3. For further processing of the information for direct marketing, the consent of the customer to the GDPR is required. More information about GDPR can be found here.

3. Cookies policy
3.1.Privacy Policy
We take your privacy seriously. By using Our Website, You also agree to the collection and use of Your personal information by Us in accordance with this Privacy Policy. This Policy is part of the user Agreement. Whenever possible, We attempt to collect and use a minimum amount of Your personal information in order to provide the services or process Your order(s).

3.2. In some cases, We may collect technical information when You connect to Our Website. Examples of this type of information include the type of internet browser or operating system You are using, the IP address or reference URL, domain name, and website data from which You linked to Our site. Also, when You view the Website some information may be stored on Your computer in the form of a “cookie” or similar file. This information and these files are used to prevent hacking or provide better customer experiences and service.

3.3. The cookies are used for example for the automatic authentication of the customer, your language of choice and personalization of the website.
3.4. Marking of the agreement to cookies policy the customer agrees that the seller will use the information in a way it was written in the articles above.

3.5. If the customer does not consent download of cookies it can be easily blocked in your browser settings, but some of the website features may not work properly.

4. Copyright protection
4.1. All rights of mental property of the according to the content of the website (especially to trademarks, photographs, logos, and articles are owned by the Faraon Sandals) and can be used exclusively by the faraon sandals company.
4.2. The user does not acquire any right to the content of the website except limited right to use them referred below. The content is forbidden for any further use, it is not allowed to use it in any other way without any importance if it generates profit or not than for personal use.
The only exception is license agreement which can be signed by the owner of the trademark or the Faraon Sandals.
4.3. The user notices and accepts that all the data and other content of the website (photographs included) are protected by trademark. The user agrees to not allow third side persons to do any activities that would illegally affect the data or other content of the website and will not do it himself either.
4.4. Contravention of the interdict above will cause procedure by the law of Czech Republic nr. 121/2000 of the set. referring to copyright laws. Based on its author right, or license right possession the owner has a right to demand any financial, material or copyright based damages caused by the illegal behavior and deleting all illegally made copies of the content. Also, the owner has the right to receive all of the illegal enrichment received from the activity with the content.

5.1. The owner warns that some of the links lead out of this website onto a third person website.
5.2. The owner has no responsibility for misuse or customization of the website by the third person. When using the website the user has no right to use any algorithms, customizations, programmes or scripts that could have a negative impact on the maintenance of the website.
The user is not allowed to do any activity that would impact the content of the website or do act in any other way that is not meant to on the website.

5.3. Except for cases, which are expressly told as to the owner of the website has no responsibility to the customer.

The negotiation of the website owner responsibility

the owner has no responsibility for rightness or completeness of material posted on the website
the owner has no responsibility for a continuous run of the website without bugs, according to necessary updating software and hardware of the website
the owner has no responsibility for compatibility with your device or browser
the owner has no responsibility for the safety of the website

5.4. The owner has no responsibility for any damages caused by the use of the website, incorrect information caused by a human fault, hardware fault which can be caused when applicating onto a site, any illegal access to the website or illegal access to hard drive data.

5.5. If the user of the website acts illegally or unethically the owner of the website has the right to ban the offender from the website without any right for compensation of the offender.
In case that offending behavior caused any damages to the owner of the website the offender is compulsory to pay the reparation in money and full sum of damage.

6.1. The conditions are subordinate to the laws of the Czech Republic.
6.2. The owner has the right to continuously customize and update any content of the website and recommends to check the website periodically, also the owner has the right to immediately quit the website without any warning. If the user does not accept these terms in the actual version, he should leave this website as soon as possible.

Terms and conditions are valid since 01.03.2018