Sheep wool

Sheep wool

Sheep wool is priceless material for children, people suffering from allergies and outdoor activity enthusiasts and its unique properties easily overcome the properties of synthetic materials.

Sheep wool lets your body breathe and has natural thermoregulatory properties -sheep hair naturally adapts to the temperature of the environment and is liked up to stretching of the leather.
It drains the humidity away - the woolen wear and bedding products can absorb humidity up to 30 percent of its weight and vaporizes it as easily in dryer place. Because of these properties is also favorized by rowers and canoeists.

It is perfect isolation from surrounding cold and therefore is one of the most common materials used in northern countries

It helps allergic individuals because of lanoline covered hairs of the wool, making a hard time to live in for mites and microorganisms. Also, this fat makes the wool antistatic and so it repels the dust.

It helps individuals suffering from rheumatic pains - lanolin helps thru the skin with no negative effects. Dry warmth is beneficial to blood circuits flow and helps with migraines, gynecological or kidney issues. All affected groups can use wool as a therapy.

Wool brings comfortable sleep - lanolin calms the irritated skin and has limited anti-inflammatory properties. And because of this you feel well rested like never before after a night under the woolen cover.

It is easily maintainable - merino wool has little flakes on its surface, which repel the common impurities and makes the cleaning process easier. The firmness, flexibility, and durability of wool will save your time and work with maintenance. Wool has no odor and is very durable.
Properties like these make wool one of the priceless materials for little children.

Merino wool has great thermoregulatory and hydro regulatory properties. Always adapts to your body temperature, keeping you comfortable and warm and most importantly it drains all the sweat away. There is no other synthetic material with properties like sheep wool.