About Faraon sandals

Sandals like these were worn even before biblical times, and its priceless design survived thru all the styles till nowadays. Pharaoh sandals - sandals for eternityFaraon sandals are the only handsewn sandals of its kind, which adapt to your feet shape. They do not come out from fabrics, but from under the sew led by a human hand and so, every piece is original in its own way.

Faraon Sandals are not only unique because of its design but also because of the best quality leather it is made of. All of our models are very airy and 100% natural leather drains away from the sweat and cools down your feet in hot summer days. All models are made of best quality materials from suppliers and artisans which guarantees durability for many years.

Faraon sandals get softer and pliable over time, it fully adapts to every little detail of your feet and gets darker hue over time.

Faraon sandals have low heel, which guarantees that even after long walks, your feet will not hurt or swell.

That is the reason why they are perfect for all day use not only on a beach or garden but also for city walks, on your workplace or just for home use. They are very well fitting for more formal social events and fits great to the nowadays styles, also makes a great impression if combined with elements of afro, hippy, emo or antique styles.

Faraon sandals are meant for everyone who wants to wear something original, unique or just something different. They make a perfect expression of your uniqueness and do respect your personality, they are for everyone who fell in love with natural leather and its comfortability.
Nothing can beat uniqueness of our leather handsewn sandals.

Faraon sandals lifelong boots. Handsewn sandals made of camel leather swiftly adapting to shapes of your feet, like any other you can get in central Europe, and they get even softer and comfortable over time. They do not throng or rub your feet and drain the sweat off, if you will take good care of them they will serve you for decades

As you try them you will realize that you can not live without them.