Can Faraon sandals get wet?
Contact with water will not harm the sandals if you will follow instructions in the article care about the leather products

Will the sandals stretch if they do throng my feet?
We recommend buying sandals in size which throng your feet a bit, when new because by the short time the leather will stretch to the shape of your feet.

How should I care about sandals to keep them soft and prevent them from stiffening?
If you want to keep your sandals in the best condition even after years of use, follow the instructions listed in the article Care about leather products.

How can I find out which size will fit me?
Follow the instructions in the link How to pick out.

I have an uncommon size or shape of feet. Do I have the possibility to pick out appropriate sandals?
Contact us! For a fee, some of our models can be bespoke manufactured to your feet shape and size. In this case, it is necessary to pay the given price before the start of manufacturing.

Can I change the goods for a different size or model?
Yes if you send it unused in the original packaging onto an address of our shop. 

It is necessary to state the reason and spare model and size.
The product I have obtained does not fit me. Can I return it? Will I get my money back?

If your product does not fits ou requirements, you can return it within 30 days from the delivery, unused with the receipt and short description of the issue with the product.
Returning the product is possible only in the condition it was bought in without the evidence of use. We will return your money as soon as we receive the goods.

Is it possible to review and try your footwear in a store?
Yes, in our shop at Smržov and also you can meet us in our tent on plenty of historic fairs and expositions. You can find more information here.

Do you supply your goods for a wholesale?
Yes, at your order we can send you the wholesale price list.

Is it possible that the goods I ordered will not be available?
Because our goods are mostly handmade we cannot guarantee the availability of all the products. In case the product is not available you can choose a substitute from any other model in our range. Every customer has a right to be informed by the method of choice (telephone, email or SMS).

Important advices - do not miss!
Dear customers, we are happy that you bought Faraon sandals. Our only wish is you to be absolutely satisfied by the footwear and that your sandals last for many years.

And so we would like to inform how you can affect the properties of the material and give you some information about it. Faraon sandals are handsewn from best quality camel leather, which is twice stronger in tense then cowhide and so it is much more durable and does not break.
The strength of the camel-hide also requires plenty of patience for the first days of wearing.
Do not get afraid of the first impression, the material seems rigid and crude. It is a common property of unused leather, it will get soft during a few days of use and will fully adapt to every single detail of your feet.

If the straps on new sandals are so tight that your toes end cca 0,5 from the front end of the insole and the space surplus on the heel part do not worry, the straps will soon move and adapt to your heel to hold it firmly and comfortably. You can fasten this process by wearing wet socks but keep in mind that you have to spread greasy cream or balsam into the leather to prevent it from becoming hard. We do not recommend using oils because they leave stains on the leather.

Also if any of straps rub your feet at the first days the grease makes the leather softening and adaptation process faster. The camel leather will never slacken more then you allow it to. If you will not use socks in the sandals or they would not be worn by someone with larger feet they will not get bigger. They never get the lousy look.

If your instep bracing strap is too loose it is possible to shorten the strap by penetrating another hole or just cutting the strap of selected models. Models with shortable straps are made of leather without lining and shortening the strap will not affect the quality or look of sandals.
Camel leather is very porous and so it keeps the feet dry it drains all the sweat away from feet and prevents fungal infections and bad smell of feet. The insole will get the shiny look by the time. We recommend you to sometimes wash the insole with soap and water and then apply greasy cream or leather balm.
The longer time the camel leather is used, it gets softer, more comfortable and also gets a shiny patina.
We wish you many years of comfortable wearing, do not hesitate to contact us in case you would have any queries.