Hand-sewn leather handbags from veal leather in amazing Vintage style.

Vintage handbags aim to make their design look like it was made many decades ago to look like a product that has been used for years. At the same time, the aim of the Vintage style is to make the product look antique, historically, with elements of wear. Vintage style always and in every area means high quality that matures over time, gains value and beauty and often survives everything else.

Luxusní vintage kabelky

  • Vintage handbags combine historically old manufacturing processes and recipes with current fashion trends.
  • Vintage handbags are a unique fashion accessory that has maintained its trend among all generations for many years and is endlessly inspirational.
  • Vintage handbags are made from the finest, high-quality calf leather , which is very soft, soft and soft to the touch.
  • The veal skin is extremely light, so Vintage handbags are very lightweight compared to any other leather handbag, which is most noticeable with large handbags.
  • Vintage handbags are often made using special hand-woven leather technology

Smooth leather vintage handbags can have interesting shades . Any color differences are not considered to be a defect of the product, but rather a manifestation of truly natural material and complete originality of each individual piece.

Each model has its own unique shade by special washing technique . Each handbag is made of natural leather and only sewn, a complete handbag with ornaments, zippers and metal buckles is inserted into washing drums with natural dyes. The dye is made without chemicals and is characterized by incredible durability. The technological process of dyeing and coloring ingredients is a recipe passed by generations of experienced Italian tanneries. Paint is not wiped off the bag, lint-free, and rain-resistant, with minor dirt, stains, or scratches on the handbag often worn with a coarse cloth, often smoothing the affected area.

Wearing every handbag gets a patina as it gets older, its shades gradually change slightly, making the handbag even more appealing overall. Vintage handbags are not only interesting for their distinctive, specific design, but are also amazing for their uniqueness and uniqueness in the market. They look extremely elegant, light, spacious and have a very practical interior space. Usually, two sizes of straps help to ensure comfortable use, so that the handbag can be worn not only in the hand or hung on the forearm, but also over the shoulder, allowing a sufficiently long length adjustable strap to provide comfort and convenience to larger women.

Vintage leather handbags , with good care and regular care, have many years of service life and even years they lose nothing of their grace and uniqueness.