About us

Why sandals? We are a trading company, specialized in merchandising of leather goods especially sandals, slippers, and accessories. Sandals are handsewn in manufacture with 40 years of experience.

About how we get the idea to distribute this kind of goods?
The first thought of this came in the year 2010. After fifteen years my favorite sandals fell apart. Faraon sandalsThey fitted to everything and every occasion. I loved their comfortability and easy shape. Not only that they adapted to the feet of mine, but my feet never were sweaty in them. They cooled my feet in the hottest days and were completely different people around me had worn

And how we get to the idea to order this kind of goods?
I started finding for new sandals, went thru the many shops but in none of them I could find the simple sandals made with a flat sole and few straps. I got an idea that there is no possibility to get sandals like these in here.
At the end of the summer, I found sandals which I liked in the southern European region.

That day I got the idea to distribute this perfect wear to the Czech Republic, after few weeks we brought back the design that was worn in ages of Jesus or even before but it got popular in a short while.

The oldest sandals found are from 4th century B.C. when they were favored footwear of the Pharaohs.
There are over 100 models possible to be made, but on our website are only about 30 of them.
On your order, we can send you a full catalog and any of the models you would like can be made.
The extreme size of the foot is no problem, but the preparation of the order can take up to two months.

In cooperation with our manufacture, we offer footwear for men, women but also unisex models. There is also part of the range for women who like higher heels the same as for customers who like flip-flops.

We also have intertwined flippers, classic flipper which can be used as wear for shorter outdoor walks. Fitting great to actual style but also to the styles like afro, hippy or antique.
Our sandals are made of best camel leather, which is more than two times more thicker than cowhide and is much more durable. It drains the sweat away and keeps your feet cool even in hottest days. Over time the leather fully adapts to your feet and will never throng or rub your feet. Because of the 100% natural material, the sandals are made of it can be self-called medical footwear.

If you are interested in camel leather sandals like these do not hesitate and contact us if there is anything you would like to know. We will inform you how to take care of it and help you choose the right size, and the properties of the leather.

Very fitting decoration for the sandals are our leather handbags and purses which are made at the same color hue and many shapes and sizes are available.
If you choose the right belt and fitty handbag in the right color hue you will highlight your new style even more and get plenty of attention from the surroundings. The leather belts are handmade and the accessories and buckles of belts can be combined.

In winter season we add some furry accessories, vests, and sweaters to our e-shop.
But also some furry slippers and many more.

For everyone who would like to buy something for their beloved ones, there are gift coupons ready in price from 190 CZK to 1200 CZK. We refresh our sales with discounts of up to 50 %.

For all eshop owners, we have prepared a very interesting cooperation offer.
Customers who would like to try our goods should watch carefully our website where you can find the list of historical fares we are going to visit with our shop-tent.

If you choose any of our product we sincerely hope they will make you comfortable for many years and satisfy your needs. We love to see our customers returning back to us, do not ever hesitate to contact us.