New e-shop launchAs one of the most important innovations of this spring, we are launching a new version of E-shop. It was run in all silence 9.3. and thus to replace the original already unsatisfactory version of the e-shop.

So what does the new version of E-shop offer us in addition to a wide range of products at perfect prices?

  • A new graphical interfacethat is much clearer and can be automatically adapted to all devices on which the E-shop pages are displayed, whether it is a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This feature is generally known as Web site responsiveness. It allows you to shop comfortably on all your devices in the E-shop.
  • Improved display of product pages. Many product images have been redesigned to a higher resolution, so you can see each item better before you create an order. Additional images were added to the individual products for a better understanding of the goods offered.
  • Features. These will help you to better understand the offer. You can now filter items by parameters such as dimensions, materials used, or color variants. You can also easily compare several item items.
  • Possibility to create a customer account. This option is optional and we do not require registration to be able to buy from us. On the other hand, creating a customer account entails advantages such as an overview of orders made, current events or events and news. We appreciate the registered customers and we will offer them preferential discounts on our offered goods as part of the announced events.

We have recently included Western Ties (Bola) in our E-shop, we have significantly expanded our offer and we have added a range of leather hats and ladies leather handbags to leather sandals . Likewise, we have included in the sale of leather vests and furs. We prefer to sell goods from quality natural materials that are handmade.

We believe that shopping in our e-shop will be fun for you and that you can order goods from us, which we consider to be of great quality, because they are honest materials and high-quality handmade work. If you have any questions or comments on us, please do not hesitate to contact us