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Camel leather

Camel leather

in natural state camel leather has sand-like color. In many countries, it is used for sewing handbags, wallets, and shoes. The fur of camels is used for making coats, music instruments, and rags. Camel milk is very delicate but also has a very high content of fats and is very dense. Camel meat is considered a delicacy, especially from young camels. In countries that breed camels, the camels are held in a big herd like cows, the sources of camel products are processed the same way as we do from the cattle.

Properties of camel leather:

  • High durability and neither after years it does not crumble, also it is resistant to heat and humidity
  • It can withstand double the weight in tension in comparison to cowhide.
  • During a few days, it will fully adapt to your feet and straps will get soft and will not throng or rub your feet a because of this material property you should choose sandals that hold your feet firmly on circumference because the straps will become a little bit looser over time.
  • Camel leather insole will get a shiny patina over time and will cool your feet during hottest days.
  • The insole is porous, drains water of your feet and keeps them dry
  • When leather is soaked in water it gets harder, this can be prevented or reversed by applying greasy cream or balm your sandals with quality leather balms.

Keep on your mind that if the leather is soaked by water it is really flexible and increases its volume. And so it is always possible to stretch the straps of your sandals to the required length. Most models straps can be easily shortened by cutting them or just perforating new hole.